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Food Insecurity - Food Insecurity: The United States vs....

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Food Insecurity: The United States vs. Abroad Patrick Lee and David Knerr One of the greatest issues facing the world today is hunger and food insecurity. Although it is a persistent problem in every nation around the world, there is a sharp difference in how it affects people in different countries. Food security is defined in many different ways. The most accepted definition of food security is sustained access at all times, in socially acceptable ways, to food adequate in quantity and quality to maintain a healthy life (Galal). Therefore, it can be inferred that food insecurity is a lack of access to adequate food to maintain good nutrition. In this paper, food insecurity of specific nations and regions will be compared though data showing the severity of the insecurity as well as a comparison of the main diet between food insecure people of the United States and insecure people of Bangladesh. There are an estimated 1.02 Billion people worldwide who are food insecure. At least 907 Million of these people are in developing nations. 65 percent of food insecure or hungry people live in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia (WFP). The greatest innovations in science and technology have come from places and people who did not have to worry about their next meal. In order for the lower developed counties to catch up to the rest of the world, food security must be accomplished. Great steps were being taken towards the eradication of food insecurity. From 1969 to 2004 the percentage of people in underdeveloped countries fell from 35 percent to about 15 percent. However, recent trends have shown that more efforts need to be made. 2009 estimates show that the percentage of food insecure people is going to increase to about 20 percent of underdeveloped nations’ populations (FAO)
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Since 2008, the world has faced an immense economic recession. Nations where
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Food Insecurity - Food Insecurity: The United States vs....

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