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360 Midterm_FA2010 - a two-party system in the United...

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA POLI 360 - P OLITICAL P ARTIES Fall 2010 M IDTERM E XAM – S TUDY Q UESTIONS 1. Describe and analyze the classical theoretical model of political parties and point out the differences between this model and the two American political parties. 2. Explain five lessons that can be learned from a study of the history of American political parties and cite at least two elections or periods of time that illustrate each of the five lessons. 3. Write a detailed essay in which you describe and analyze the reasons that we have
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Unformatted text preview: a two-party system in the United States. 4. Describe and analyze the three concepts of American political party organization— what are the three manifestations of political parties in the United States? 5. Describe the changes in American social, international, domestic, and political circumstances that caused major shifts in strength from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party between 1965 and 2004....
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