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Midterm Examination Questions POLI E470

Midterm Examination Questions POLI E470 - division of...

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Midterm Examination Questions-POLI E470 1. Please describe the differences between dual federalism and cooperative federalism. You must address this question with respect to policies of the U.S. Supreme Court, economic differences between the two forms of federalism, and differences on the views of civil liberties in these two systems. 2. All U.S. presidents from President Johnson onward, with the possible exception of Reagan, believed/believe in the ideal of cooperative federalism, regardless of political party. Please discuss why cooperative federalism is especially popular among both political parties nationally. Furthermore, explain how the national government has made cooperative federalism more appealing for the states to participate heavily in. 3. The United States Supreme Court, as the final arbiter of issues related to federalism, has a key role in interpreting how the United States federalist system should work and how the
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Unformatted text preview: division of powers between state governments and the national government should work. Discuss what the role of the U.S. Supreme Court is and explain how it has changed over time, with a particular focus on the adaptation of federalism from a dual federalism system to a cooperative federalism system. 4. The Reagan administration popularized a policy known as “devolution.” Explain what devolution is, how it was successful, and how it was unsuccessful. Also discuss why presidents after Reagan may have weakened “devolution”, although none has specifically disavowed it totally. 5. One of the key ideas in our modern federalist system of governance is that of vertical federalism. Discuss why vertical federalism has become more important since the beginning of the 20 th century. How has the shift to cooperative federalism expanded the idea of vertical federalism?...
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