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Outline 10-24 - 3 Post U.S Constitution(1792-1860 a Dual...

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Outline 10/24/2011 1. Revolutionary War a. Articles of Confederation a.i. Associated problems a.ii. Difficulty with compliance a.iii. Solutions? Hard to say a.iv. Gradual escalation of demands prior to Declaration of Independence 2. Formation of U.S. Constitution a. Stronger confederation or federation? b. Ultimately decided on federation with bicameral house c. Issues of apportionment d. Method of electing/selecting president
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Post U.S. Constitution (1792-1860) a. Dual federalism reigns b. States and national gov. have different spheres c. National gov. mostly involved with defense, foreign policy, trade d. States involved w/ most other things e. Issues of conflict f. Judiciary’s response g. Political party changes: Transition from first party system; ultimately to third by 1860...
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