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POLI 470 Response Memo Guidelines/Requirements One of the requirements for the course is to prepare four response memos. The memos are collectively worth 30% of your final course grade. The purpose of the memos is for you to think of how the readings/ideas we discuss connect in the real world, as well as providing an opportunity to briefly synthesize/connect readings and various discussions we may have in class. I briefly touch on a few points to help you better structure your memos. 1. Topics: Approximately once a week, I will provide a list of three to five questions that you may use for the response papers. It is not required that you write a response paper based on the questions, although it is strongly recommended in that it will help focus your writing. If you want to choose a question to answer that is not on my list, you may do so. While I encourage you to consult with the instructor with respect to choosing a topic that is not on the list, it is not required. I will generally give a range of different
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