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Comprehensive study guide Final

Comprehensive study guide Final - Study guide for Poli370...

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Study guide for Poli370 Accountability and individual responses to the accountability problems Governmental size: the number of governments, the relative size of public organizations and the size of different departments. What public organizations do and how do public organizations differ from private companies? What are the functions of federal government, state government and local governments? Entitlement and the trend of federal outlays on entitlement The tools of government: direct tools and indirect ones, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of contracting out (also refer to chapter 12) Federal grants, categorical grants (formula and program grants), block grants. Fiscal mismatch theory. (refer also to chapter 12); Identify different types of regulation (economic and social regulation), figure out how federal government administer programs through regulation (crossover sanctions; partial preemption etc.) Tax expenditures, loan programs, and government regulation
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