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Poli 370 Study Guide Instructions: the quiz is designed to test your understanding of course materials. Simply reviewing the PowerPoint slides will not suffice to get A. Students are strongly encouraged to read through the test book and review their class notes. Any students with misconduct behaviors, once found, will be penalized. Those who cheat, once caught, will fail this course immediately. Understanding the following terms and their applications is anticipated. The quiz is composed of multiple-choice questions and short answer definitions and terms. No essay is tested. Explain why interagency conflicts? How to facilitate interagency coordination? Interagency agreements; Interagency committees; Leading agency formula; Clearance procedure Civil service system; Merit rules; Position classification
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Unformatted text preview: General-schedule system; position categories; Grade creep staffing the civil service (exams, rule of three, tenure, and dismiss) Priorities toward veterans, minorities and disabilities Reductions in force; Buyouts Comparable pay; Comparable worth theory Union rights; Bargaining strategies Rights of privacy (AIDS and drug test); Rights of political activities (Hatch Act); Patronage restrictions; Patronage system; Revolving-door restrictions Broadbanding; At-will reform (at-will employment) Challenges to building human capital; Political leadership; characteristics of political leaders, their turnover; political appointees in the United States; how many is desirable? any reforms proposed? Senior executive system...
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