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Introduction of public administration 370 Study guide for Midterm Exam Directions: questions will be highly likely to draw from the material on this study guide. Identification questions: identify and explain these terms and concepts in a few short phrases Hierarchy ; Authority ; presumptions regarding how to structure authority; open system Humanist approach; third-party approach; Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory; motivation-hygiene theory three types of authorities Reengineering ; Total quality management Reinventing ; total quality management; Continuous improvement the taxpayer bill of rights; Principal-agent theory; components of the executive branch; Cabinet (inner and outer); departmental outlays (not specific numbers, but patterns); Independent agencies (examples);
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Unformatted text preview: National Security Council; National security adviser, office of policy development; e-government (advantages and disadvantages) short questions 1. Elaborate the four bases upon which organizations can be structured, in light of the theory proposed by Gullick 2. evaluate the strength and weakness of the human relations school 3. Compare the basic tenets associated with three main reform approaches covered in Chapter 5 4. Elaborate the potential challenges ahead of the president in managing multiple, complex organizations, which constitutes the executive branch in the United States 5. Discuss basic strategies in use to grant independence for a specific agency 6. Discuss how OMB can help to promote the president's political agenda...
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