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Fourth Essay Topics POLI 452 Your essays are due on Tue., 8/2/2011. As with previous essays, you may choose from one of the four topics or you may pick your own pending the instructor’s approval: 1. What makes the attitudinal model so controversial? Does the fact that it works less well for lower courts (below the U.S. Supreme Court) mean that it is more likely to get a fair trial? Explain and defend your answer. What does the attitudinal model mean with respect to lower court trials? Does it harm the legitimacy of our judicial system? 2. One of the points I discussed in class was the idea that structure of judicial systems matter. Please explain why the structure matters (in the big picture) and cite several
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Unformatted text preview: examples to substantiate your claims. If you think structure is not important, also explain why and defend your answer. 3. Now that you are nearly finished POLI 452, please define what judicial process is. Why is it important? What are the implications of understanding how American judicial processes work? 4. The issue of judicial discretion is a topic we have frequently discussed over the course of the last month. Assuming that one could remove judicial discretion entirely, would it be a good thing to do so? Would it be good to remove it only from trial courts? Or is it good that we have judicial discretion at all levels of the American judiciary?...
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