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Skeletal Outline Judicial Selection 1. State v. Federal 2. State a. Partisan election b. Nonpartisan election c. Merit Retention d. Gubernatorial reappointment-ME + NJ e. Legislative reappointment-SC + VA f. Reformer movement: DO citizens have knowledge about judicial campaigns? They argue no…Elections should not be about ideology/political partisanship. 3. Hall 2001 reading a. Question: Compares reformers movements to their claims comparing partisan election, nonpartisan election, and merit retention. There should be no impact of ideology on voting outcomes . b. 16 years of state high court elections…400ish elections overall. How does she define accountability? Crime rate…Problems? c. Methods are fine…No real issue with them…Important piece because it is first to
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Unformatted text preview: address this theoretical claim. d. Results? Partisan election shows the most accountability merit retention shows the least. Does not look at gubernatorial or legislative reappointment. 4. Federal Courts a. President picks a federal judges; Senate confirms in two stages b. Senate sometimes gives President a list of appointable judges c. Senatorial courtesy-President usually lets senator from state pick of senator is from same party as president-only applies to district court judges. President personally picks Supreme Court and Appeals Court judges. d. Confirmation Hearings...
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