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Essay #3 Your essays will be due Thu., 7/28/2011. As usual, you may choose from one of the following questions or you may submit your own with my approval: 1. Contrast the burden of proof for civil trials as compared with criminal trials. What does the difference in the burden of proof mean for how juries and/or judges handle civil trials as compared with criminal trials? 2. Based on the movie A Civil Action , please discuss the issue of judge/attorney interactions. In the movie, was the judge an unbiased arbiter of justice? Why or why not? Where did the prestige of attorneys come into play?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Analyze the following statement: Even though the U.S. Supreme Court may engage in attitudinal voting, if I take a case to the Supreme Court, I will still get a fair hearing of my case if the U.S. Supreme Court hears it. Do you believe this statement is true or not? Elaborate why you think that way. 4. Please discuss your thoughts on the debate of state judicial reform. Are nonpartisan/merit retention systems superior to partisan elections? Why or why not, given the discussion of Hall 2001? Where might her article get it wrong? Do you agree with the statements that she makes?...
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