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Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure

Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure - (Mexico c Grand Jury c.i...

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Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure 1. What is crime? a. Definition can vary 2. Community norms are key 3. Procedures: a. Arrest a.i. Discretion a.ii. Warrant v. warrantless b. Magistrate appearance b.i. Used to be 24 hours b.ii. Now can be 48 hours b.iii. Still other countries can wait 60 days before appearance before magistrate
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Unformatted text preview: (Mexico) c. Grand Jury(?) c.i. Effective? c.ii. 35 states use d. Arraignment/Plea Bargain d.i. Plea Bargains somewhat controversial e. Types of Trials e.i. Advesarial e.ii. Inquisitorial...
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