Identifications from lecture on August 29th and 30th

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Identifications from lecture on August 29 th and 30 th . These terms were mentioned during lecture on Spanish colonization of the Americas but they are found in the Born in Blood and Fire, Chapter II Viceroyalty Viceroy Viceroyalty of Peru, New Spain, New Granada, and Rio de la Plata Engenho (p. 53 of Born in Blood and Fire) Senhores de engenho Core zones vs. “Fringe” zones in Spanish/Portuguese colonization (p. 67 of Born in Blood and Fire) Discuss how the fringes were connected to the central areas of the Spanish colonial possessions.
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the role of missions in the colonization process both in territories under Spanish domain and Portuguese control. Antonio Vieira (p. 67) Quilombo (p. 72) Bandeirantes (p 72) Vila Rica de Ouro Preto or Rich Town of Black Gold (p. 73) Discuss the differences in society, economically, socially, and culturally, that existed from the ENCOUNTER PERIOD, MATURE COLONIAL PERIOD, AND LATE COLONIAL PERIOD in both Spanish and Portuguese America. (read chapter II closely to answer this question)...
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