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Chetna Mehra Zipcar Case Assignment Zipcar is a convenient, cost-effective company that provides cars for people who need short-term on demand private car access. The problem that our service solves is that people who don’t have a car, but need one to go out of town or to run some errands have the accessibility to get a car by the hour at a nearby location. This service is targeted to young students, such as college students who don’t have a car but sometimes need one for an hour or two for an interview, a doctor’s appointment, a party, etc. Customers will benefit from this service because they won’t have to bother people for rides to places since they will have the freedom to a private car by the hour. For instance, say you had to go to the airport to pick up your dad, but being a college student you didn’t have a car, however, with a company like Zipcar you were able to reserve a car online for an hour just so you could pick your dad. By
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Unformatted text preview: using Zipcar you were able fulfill your obligation and you were able to conveniently get transportation there and back. Chase’s strongest argument is that after the company launched in May each month there members increased, not only did new members join every month, previous members stayed; therefore, there was a high retention rate. With the retention rate being high this implies that customers enjoyed Zipcar’s service, and would want to use it again. Moreover, Chase believes that there are approximately 15,000 people in Boston who fit the Zipcar user profile, so even if they reach 10,000 of those customers they are targeting a huge market just in one city. In fact, if they reach 10,000 people in Boston, who’s to say that, they can’t reach 10,000 people in multiple cities such as Los Angles, New York City, Washington D.C. etc....
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