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Chetna Mehra Savage Beast Case Assignment Drawing from the concepts in the readings (Building a new venture team, Similarity vs. complementarity, Choosing cofounders), what is your assessment of the founding team at Savage Beast The founding team at Savage beast were a good group of individuals. In my personal opinion, I think it was a good idea that Jon made the business plan since, he had already had experience in business and in starting up a new company. Jon’s role was perfect for the company because he was in charge of managing finances, business development, and administration; therefore he was known as the CEO. Also, the fact that Tim and Jon asked Will Glaser to join the team was a good move towards getting a prototype for their vision. Will Glaser was a triple major at Cornell and he had also co-founded a startup with Tim Draper; a well-known capitalist; which had produced positive results. Will was named as the CTO. Since Tim had come up with the idea of the new venture, it seemed
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