Acct 324 class 4

Acct 324 class 4 - Acct 324 Torts are the civil wrongs that...

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Acct 324 Torts are the civil wrongs that people to do property/people Intentional torts are things that we do on purpose Want to cause harm Negligence is something we don’t immediately know the outcome of but we did mean to do the act (we don’t foresee the outcome) Tortfeaser- person who committed the tort Tort law exist to compensate people when they have torts happen to them Tort law also prevents retaliation Ex) if someone hits you, you don’t have to hit them back, you can sue them and get money Reinforces law because you can actually oblige the law by suing them Suing for money or suing them to fix something they broke Ex) have a car accident, get hurt, sue the person to pay for injuries physically, car damage, and pain and suffering (you can’t make that go away, therefore people compensated with money) Charleston record for wrongful death happened with minivans where the car was rear- ended where the child died and Chrysler was sued and had to pay $4 million in damages and then paid imputative damages (for the child’s death, pain and loss for parents) of $250 million. Strict liability torts- occur when the defendant takes an action that is inherently dangerous and cannot ever be undertaken safely, no matter what precautions the defendant takes Assault and battery (civil version of criminal battery) Assault is a reasonable apprehension of bodily touching ( must be offensive touching) if you physically stabbed someone randomly then you commit battery Most common defense is self defense So if someone comes up to you with a knife and you feel that he is going to stab you then you can use deadly force, same goes if you see someone being harmed you can go to protect them You cannot use deadly force to defend property you can use deadly force when they come uninvited into your house An assault occurs when a person is place in fear or apprehension of an offensive bodily contract if the contact actually occurs, it constitutes battery Defamation and slander- both require publication of an untruth to a 3
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Acct 324 class 4 - Acct 324 Torts are the civil wrongs that...

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