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Unformatted text preview: Name __________________________________ Scientific Paper Quiz Read the entire assigned article prior to answering the questions below. It is possible that the paper does not include the item in question. If you believe the authors failed to address one or more of the criteria below, give a one or two sentence description of what you think they should have done. 1 pt each: 1. State the Hypothesis of the paper, and in which section did you find it? 2. What is the ecological concept around which the hypothesis is based, and in what section do you find this? 3. Provide the author, year and title of one citation that supports the rationale of the experiment. 4. Name of one statistical test used in the experiment, and where did you find it? 5. Provide one main result observed in the experiment, where did you find it? 6. What do the dashed lines in Figure 2 represent? Where did you find this information? 7. What was the authors' hypothesis decision (did they accept or reject the hypothesis) and where did you find it? 8. How do the authors relate their results to ecological concepts described in the introduction? 9. What alternative explanations do the authors present for one result from the experiment? Where do you find it? 10. What do the authors present as future research directions for this research? Where do you find it? ...
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