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Scientific Paper Quiz 1. Pit vipers will lose their ability to locate thermally favorable habitats when their facial pits are temporarily disabled. This was found in the introduction. 2. Ectotherms regulate their body temperatures by adjusting activity patterns to utilize the heterogeneits of the thermal environment. This was also found in the introduction. 3. Aaron R. Krochmal and George S. Bakken; 2003; Thermal cues influence strikes in pitless vipers. 4. One of the statistical test used in this experiment was the one sample t-test. This was found under the statistical analysis portion of the report. 5. The presence of functional pits clearly allowed snakes to identify the cool refuge from a distance. This was found in the results section 6. The dotted lines represent the experiments specific null-hypothesis prediction. This was found within the experiments section and right underneath the graph it supported.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The authors of the experiment accepted the hypothesis and this was found in the results section. 8. The authors said that thermal radiation is a direct cue that gives reliable information about nearby surface temperatures. They proved that thermal radiation was the only cue available to the snakes to direct their movement toward refuge. 9. In the trials where animals with functional pits did not move toward the refuge, movements were distributed component of behavioral thermoregulation in this species. This seems especially likely considering that experimental animals performed well under spatially complex and ecological. This was found in the results section. 10.Trying to figure out the evolution of the facial pit was an area that needed further studying. This was found at the end of the discussion....
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