jour 328 part 1 study guide

jour 328 part 1 study guide - STUDY GUIDE FOR Chapters 1 8...

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STUDY GUIDE FOR Chapters 1 – 8 Review each chapter including class discussion and slides as well as the “Mini-Me” history. The majority of questions will come from the study guide. However, there will be questions from the text concerning subjects that we have not discussed in class. There will be 85 multiple-choice questions on the exam. Chapter 1 Public - is a group of people with a stake in an issue, organization, or idea. (class def.) What constitutes a public? When a group of people face A similar indeterminate situation Recognize what is indeterminate and problematic in that situation Organize to do something about the problem Marketing Sell products Make money for the organization Build markets Customer-focused in nature Advertising paid space in media Guaranteed placement Selling goods and services External audience Exclusively mass media Public relations promote an entire organization, marketing and advertising promote a product/service A tool used in public relations Understand and define the term “spin” Outright lying to hide what really happened, twisting the truth, not telling all the facts Know the RACE process, which is the key step – text and class notes R- Research- What is the problem? A- Action- What to do about it? C- Communication- How to tell the public? E- Evaluation- How did we do? Was the audience reached, and with what effect? Define public relations, key words used in definition The management of communication between an organization and it’s publics Know the various key publics Internal- employees, unions, dealers, suppliers, stockholders External- employees, unions, dealers, suppliers, stockholders, the media, customers, special interest groups, the community, legislators Functions in public relations Writing, media relations, publicity, marketing communications, community relations, employee relations, government affairs, investor relations, planning,
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counseling, researching, special public relations, public affairs and issues, consumer relations and social media interface Chapter 2 Know Ivy Lee Developed PR as a profession
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jour 328 part 1 study guide - STUDY GUIDE FOR Chapters 1 8...

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