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Film Analysis Sheet Film Title________________________ Director________________________ Date of Release_______ You are watching films in order to learn more about the seven components of a religious worldview and to see religious practices and experiences. As you watch a film, concentrate on those things so that you are able to answer the following questions. You should be able to describe the scenes in the film in which you saw the components and practices. 1. What is the setting of the film? (time, place, any particular events in history?) 2. Who are the main characters in the film? 3. Is there a scene in which the main character’s understanding of God is present? What is the image of God presented in the film?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Is there a scene in which cosmogony/cosmology is implicit or implied? 5. Is the answer to the anthropological question apparent in the film? What is the film’s answer to what’s wrong with the world? 6. Is there any explanation given for theodicy? 7. Is soteriology apparent in the film? 8. Is there a scene in which ethics/morality is evident? 9. Is eschatology presented in the film? 10. What religious symbols are present? 11. What sacred places are shown or mentioned in the film? 12. What sacred rituals are shown or mentioned? 13. What sacred scripture is shown, quoted, or mentioned? 14. What sacred times (holydays) are shown or mentioned?...
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