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ECON 252: Financial Markets Class Sessions Click session titles below to access audio, video, and course materials. 1. Finance and Insurance as Powerful Forces in Our Economy and Society 2. The Universal Principle of Risk Management: Pooling and the Hedging of Risks 3. Technology and Invention in Finance 4. Portfolio Diversification and Supporting Financial Institutions (CAPM Model) 5. Insurance: The Archetypal Risk Management Institution 6. Efficient Markets vs. Excess Volatility 7. Behavioral Finance: The Role of Psychology 8. Human Foibles, Fraud, Manipulation, and Regulation 9. Guest Lecture by David Swensen 10. Debt Markets: Term Structure Midterm Exam 1 11. Stocks 12. Real Estate Finance and Its Vulnerability to Crisis 13. Banking: Successes and Failures 14. Guest Lecture by Andrew Redleaf 15. Guest Lecture by Carl Icahn 16. The Evolution and Perfection of Monetary Policy Midterm Exam 2 17. Investment Banking and Secondary Markets 18. Professional Money Managers and Their Influence
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