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midterm_exam - Name BENG 100b Frontiers in Biomedical...

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Name Page 1 of 5 BENG 100b: Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering Midterm Examination March 6, 2008 There are 100 possible points on this exam. THIS EXAM IS CLOSED BOOK. SHORT ANSWER (Total=70 points) Read the questions carefully. For short answer questions, keep your response in the space provided, but give the most complete answer that you can. 1. (6 points) Distinguish between the innate and adaptive immune responses: 2. (6 points) What is an antigen? 3. (6 points) What is phagocytosis? Is phagocytosis by macrophages important in innate immunity, or in adaptive immunity, or in both? Explain. 4. (6 points) What is cDNA, and how would you produce cDNA from cultured cells?
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Name Page 2 of 5 5. Insulin is a protein hormone and estrogen is a steroid hormone. a. (6 points) Describe in general terms the differences between their modes of action. b. (4 points) Which of these two molecules is the most challenging to make into a drug? Why? 6. a. (4 points) Explain why this statement is false: The left ventricle is a stronger pump than the right ventricle because more blood is needed to supply the body tissues than to supply the lungs.
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