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MGT 4379 – Nicols – Spring 2012 Possible short answer questions for exam 1 The short answer questions for exam 1 will be chosen from this list. 1. What is the relationship between an organization’s staffing system and its performance? 2. List the components or stages of the staffing process. 3. What are the differences between EEO and AA? How would this relate to the concepts of quotas and preferential treatment? 4. List four EEO laws, along with the protected class or classes covered under each law. 5. Discuss the importance of disseminating a sexual harassment policy.
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Unformatted text preview: Support your arguments with established court rulings and EEOC guidelines. 6. List the four situational factors necessary to establish a prima facie claim of disparate treatment. Why is it necessary for the plaintiff to establish these four things? 7. How may statistics be used to support or rebut a claim of adverse impact? How does the four-fifths rule relate to this? How does the staffing process relate to this? 8. What are the components to an AAP? How is compliance with AAP guidelines assessed?...
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