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dp1 - Shear capacity Pullout capacity Cost per lb...

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16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 5 Due: Lecture 10 DESIGN PROBLEM #1 A 2100 kg orbital package is mounted within the space shuttle on a mating platform. The platform is at an angle of 15° with the ascent axis of the shuttle. The package is circular and has an outside rim through which holes can be drilled and bolts mounted for attachment. Shuttle astronauts will need to detach this package from the mating platform during an EVA while in orbit. The vertical flight phase of the shuttle involves a peak vertical acceleration of 3.0 g. The specified factor of safety is 1.3. In addition, the package will be carried across country to the launch site on a transport aircraft. The part can be mounted in any manner on the airplane.
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16.20 Design Problem #1 Page 2 Fall, 2002 Several different types of bolt/nut combinations are under consideration. Their capability is summarized below: Bolt/nut Mass
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Unformatted text preview: Shear capacity Pullout capacity Cost per lb type [grams] [N] {N] [$] A 200 7000 7000 20 B 200 8000 6000 25 C 150 6000 4000 10 D 125 5000 2500 20 E 125 6000 5000 115 F 100 5000 3000 50 You have been hired as a consultant to determine the bolt/nut type(s) that should be used. Types can be mixed. Submit your answer in the form of a memo to the “Head of Orbital Packages” supported by necessary calculations and associated work properly referenced and included (generally as an attached appendix). Be sure to clearly give your reasoning. It is suggested you show the number of bolts of each type needed and find the expected margin of safety (Note that the “capacity” values have been determined from experiments). You should discuss considerations such as cost, weight, assembly, complexity, and safety as appropriate. Identify options with any possible unknowns and drawbacks....
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