dp2 - 16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 11 Due: Lecture 17 DESIGN...

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16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 11 Due: Lecture 17 DESIGN PROBLEM #2 Your team has been contracted by TrussProd, Inc. to make recommendations to them on a quality control test procedure for their new line of trusses. TrussProd originally entered the construction market by producing metallic frames and trusses for industrial construction. They have recently expanded their factory and will be entering the private home market with their new line of trusses for private homes. Initially they will have two products of the same basic design and total length (of 25 ft). The difference is in the pitch of the two cases: one being for a 45° roof and the other for a 30° roof. The basic design is shown in the accompanying figure with the pitch angle indicated by θ . The individual members of the truss are dried pine two-by-sixes and they are joined using galvanized joining plates with a specialized attachment device which is one of the trade secrets which has helped TrussProd become a success to date in the industrial construction market. Although they have patented the procedure, they are still generally unwilling to discuss its implementation in detail and have not provided any details about this to you. The engineers at TrussProd have researched building codes extensively and have found that the building code of the City of Metropolis is the most conservative. They have therefore decided to design their product to fulfill that code. There are a number of different items that must be fulfilled, but you are asked to consider only the static loads. The pertinent part of the building code is
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dp2 - 16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 11 Due: Lecture 17 DESIGN...

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