dp3 - 16.20 Handed Out Lecture 20 Due Lecture 30 DESIGN...

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16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 20 Due: Lecture 30 DESIGN PROBLEM #3 Your company has contracted with Moontowers International to provide engineering consulting services for the preliminary design of a transmission tower at the new Lunar Base III that is under construction. Previous transmission towers have met with difficulty due to the temperature swings various points of the moon undergo during the moon’s revolution around the earth . Maximum temperatures up to 100°C have been recorded on such structures while the structure is in full sunlight and minimum temperatures as low as -75°C have been recorded when the structure faces away from the sun. The rotation and revolution of the moon are slow enough that the temperature conditions are basically "constant" (hourly change is very small) and thus thermal gradients do not need to be considered in these transmission tower structures. The previous transmission towers have been unable to meet the design requirements that the transmission dish stay within 10 mm of the design point at all times. This is due to the large thermal differential that occurs and the difficulties in designing and manufacturing a structure with those specifications and tolerances. This has caused the previous stations to be out of contact with other stations and Earthbase during a significant fraction of the month (i.e. the lunar cycle) and has thus resulted in auxiliary transmission towers being erected to overcome this difficulty, but at substantial cost. Moontowers International has decided to consider the new piezoelectric technology as a solution to this problem. They have contracted your group to provide them the expertise and the suggestions. Other specialists are also working on the design, so you are not responsible for the overall design but only for some specific items as noted below. The tower structure can be considered to be a constant cross-sectional shape 30 meters in height. The transmission/reception dish is mounted 29 meters above the lunar surface. Tension lines are utilized to stabilize the tower. This configuration (without tension lines) is shown in Figure 1. It should be
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dp3 - 16.20 Handed Out Lecture 20 Due Lecture 30 DESIGN...

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