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16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 36 DESIGN PROBLEM #4 (and….HOME ASSIGNMENT #9) You and your team of colleagues are employed as structural engineers at Small-Planes-R-Us, Inc. The board of directors has committed the company to producing a new small two-seater airplane. Your engineering manager is responsible for the fuselage design and specifically assigned your team to work on the aft fuselage between the wing and the tail. She has asked you to submit a preliminary design for this section of the fuselage in about three weeks. The aerodynamics group has decided to go with a circular cross-section and it is divided into two regions by a "floor" to attach some instrumentation as specified by the avionics group. The preliminary sizing work has defined the diameter of the cross-section near the wing region (aft fuselage station 0) to be 180 cm, and at the tail connection point (aft fuselage station 250) the diameter is 90 cm. The length of this section is 250 cm. FIGURE 1 Side view of aft fuselage. z x Floor 250 cm Wing Location (Station 0) Tail Location (Station 250) 180 cm 90 cm
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Page 2 Fall, 2002 You have been asked, specifically, to make recommendations for the areas and materials to be used for the stringers and the thicknesses of the floor and skin of the fuselage. This is to help your engineering manager prepare for a "Design-Build Team" meeting where representatives from the various aspects of the engineering divisions as well as manufacturing and marketing representatives will confer to better define the design. The preliminary sizing and configuration work has defined a cross-section for the aft fuselage. This configuration consists of skins connecting four stringers: one at the top of the fuselage, one at the bottom, and one on each side of the floor at the floor level. In a discussion with your group, your manager has provided you with the following information as well as the accompanying figures: FIGURE 2 Cross-section dimensions. 180 cm
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dp4 - 16.20 Handed Out: Lecture 36 DESIGN PROBLEM #4...

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