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Problem Set #2 - s = R and-d< z< d and then through the...

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Electricity and Magnetism Physics 2217 and AEP 2170 Spring 2012 Homework 2 Assigned: Friday January 27 th Due: Friday Feburary 3 rd 1. Problem 1.5 Purcell 2. Problem 1.9 Purcell 3. Problem 1.19 Purcell 4. Problem 1.30 Purcell 5. (a) Three charges are situated at the corners of a square (of side a ), How much work does it take to bring in another charge + q from far away and place it in the fourth corner? (b) How much work does it take to assemble the whole configuration of four charges? 6. A charge q is located at the origin. Calculate the electric flux through a cylinder of length 2 d and radius R centered on the origin. That is, calculate the flux through the surface defined by
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Unformatted text preview: s = R and -d < z < d , and then through the two end caps at z =+/-d , and sum. Does the result agree with what you expect from Gauss’ theorem? 7. (b) Find the electric field a distance z above the center of a flat circular disk of radius R that carries a uniform surface change σ . After finding this general expression, explore the limit where R>> z and the limit where R<< z . Do these limits make physical sense? (a) To start this problem, it is advantageous to first calculate the electric field a distance z above the center of a flat uniformly charged ring of radius R . (by inspection what is the electric field at z =0?)...
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