S2012 Logistics AEP 217

S2012 Logistics AEP 217 - Electricity and Magnetism Physics...

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Electricity and Magnetism Physics 2217 and AEP 2170 Spring 2012 Course Logistics Welcome to “217”, the introductory course in E&M targeted for majors in Physics and Engineering Physics. It is strongly recommended that you have taken PHYS 1116 previously. Personnel Course leader: Professor Craig Fennie (Applied and Engineering Physics) [email protected] Office: Clark 224 Office Hour: Monday 11:15 – 12:15 pm Section Leaders: Igor Segota– [email protected] - DIS 201 & DIS 202 Jolyon Bloomfield – [email protected] – DIS 203 Office hours with your TA’s will be arraigned at your first section meeting. Lab Leader: Chris Choi – [email protected] Web site http://blackboard.cornell.edu/ Textbook I dont want to "require" two textbooks but it is highly advisable that you get a copy of both Purcell and Griffiths. (Required) The textbook for the course is Electricity and Magnetism , 2 nd Edition by Edward Purcell. (Required) Laboratory Manuel. Note we will use the identical lab manual as PHYS2213 (Highly, highly recommended) Introduction to Electrodynamics by David Griffiths. You do not need to buy “Griffiths”. It is an excellent book but at times slightly more advanced than necessary for this course. If you study Phys or EP you will need it later. I will be drawing heavily from Griffiths at times; you should be reading it. I do suggest you get a copy now. (Recommended) Div, Grad, Curl and all That , by HM Schey, I am told this is an excellent book to “get to know” vector calculus. Note, we will mostly follow Purcell’s logical flow of the material, but presentation will be more closely analogous to Griffiths’. Lectures MWF 10:10 – 11:00 am. All lectures are in RCK 230. If you arrive late, please use the rear entrance to the classroom. Homework (we learn by doing!) Reading assignments. You will be responsible to read the sections that we will discuss in class, prior to that class. Check Blackboard for Reading assignments, I will post the upcoming week’s readings every Sunday. Written assignments will be given almost every week. They will be posted to Blackboard on Friday afternoon (except the first one, on Blackboard now) and will be due the following Friday by 11:30 am (physics HW boxes), late assignments will not be
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accepted. Homework will be graded and returned to you with solutions in section the following week. The section leaders will grade Homework. Although collaboration is fine, be sure to try the problems by yourself first. You must hand in your own work. Academic integrity is of course expected of all students, please understand the policy below. Group Homework problem solving Every Thursday from 7:30pm-9:pm a room in the Library (see Blackboard for room number) is reserved for our course. One of the TA’s or course assistant (Barnaby Levin) will also be there to help answer questions (starting at 7:30, the TA is free to leave by 8pm if no one is there). Recitation Sections
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S2012 Logistics AEP 217 - Electricity and Magnetism Physics...

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