HW3 AEP217 - Electricity and Magnetism Physics 2217 and AEP 2170 Spring 2012 Homework 3 Assigned Friday February 3rd Due Friday February 10th 1

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Electricity and Magnetism Physics 2217 and AEP 2170 Spring 2012 Homework 3 Assigned: Friday February 3 rd Due: Friday February 10 th 1. Problem 2.1 Purcell 2. Problem 2.8 Purcell 3. Problem 2.13, 2.14, 2.15 Purcell. Note 2.13-2.15 are very short math problems, you should be able to do these rather quickly and without opening a book (if not, work with your TA’s during their office hours for extra math help). 4. Problem 2.29 Purcell Note, don’t be mislead by what I might have alluded to in class. Treat each sphere separately, then add, i.e., use superposition. These are NON-conducting spheres. 5. Find the potential of a uniformly charged spherical shell of radius R. In class I did this by first calculating the electric field, then calculating a line integral. I would like you to start with the charge density and NOT use the electric field at all. Also, sketch the potential and the gradient of the potential as a function of distance, take careful note what happens at surface of the sphere (this will help
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