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Problem Set 4 Physics 2216 : Due Tuesday, 02/07/2012 1. Captain Picard sees two Klingon Birds of Prey traveling in opposite directions, one at +0 . 99 c and the other at - 0 . 99 c . What is the speed of one of the Birds of Prey, as viewed by the other Bird of Prey? 2. In a given reference frame, Event 1 happens at x = 0 ,ct = 0, and Event 2 happens at x = 2 ,ct = 1 (in units of some length). Find a frame in which Event 1 and Event 2 are simultaneous . Hint :
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Unformatted text preview: You may want to try solving this problem using a Minkowski diagram 3. The Millennium Falcon travels at a speed v with respect to the Death Star. A Rebel X-Wing pilot is between the Falcon and the Death Star, and travels in the same direction of Falcon at another speed u . What should u be such that the pilot, Wedge Antilles, sees the Death Star and the Falcon approaching him at the same speed?...
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