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Unformatted text preview: 1 CORNELL UNIVERSITY SOC 2230: CULTURE IN MARKETS AND ECONOMIES Spring 2012 - Tue & Thurs: 11:40-12:55 pm; Uris 262 Professor Paromita Sanyal- Uris 352; Office hours or by appt.; The course offers a sociological account of production, consumption, distribution, and transfer of assets. It examines different sectors of the economy from formal sectors, like firms and corporations and consumer markets, to the informal sector including illegal markets. It also looks at non- traditional markets, like markets for human goods, which thrive as legalized and illegal underground economies. Finally, it also takes a look at households and intimate economies. The main goal of the course is to demonstrate and explain how the ways in which markets and economies function in real life transcend narrow economies principles and assumptions and are imbued with cultural meaning and equally subject to sociological forces. ______________________________________________________________________________ COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Participation in Class Discussions : Classes will be a combination of lectures and discussions. The lectures will follow a question and answer method. So, it is very important that you do the weeks readings beforehand and come to class prepared to engage in discussions. The participation grade awarded at the end of the semester will reflect the professors assessment of a students extent of thoughtful verbal participation throughout the course. [10%] 2. Reading Responses : To facilitate your regular reading of the assigned materials and preparedness for class discussions and the midterm examinations, you will be required to submit brief 1-2 page reading responses. In these responses you will be expected to summarize very briefly the main points of the reading, point out any common thread that you found, and finally raise any questions or points of interest that come to your mind. Out of a total of 24 reading & lecture days, you will be required to submit 20 responses. Students may choose according to their own convenience the 4 classes for which they will not submit responses. These responses will be graded on 5 points each, adding up to a total of 100 points. At the end of the semester 20% of the total points will be added to the final grade. Submissions will be online in the course Blackboard site where you will find an assignment titled Reading Response under the Content Folders containing the readings. [20%] 3. Two Mid-term Exams : The first mid-term examination will be an in-class examination. The second mid-term exam may be converted to a take-home assignment [20% + 20% = 40%] 3. Final Paper : For this course you will be required to write a paper of an approximate length of 7- 10 pages. This essay will involve your critical reflection on the relevant course readings and some independent research based on gathering secondary or primary data. Topic/Prompt for the paper will be given. [30%] [Any student needing special accommodations for exams and papers should notify me early in the...
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2012 for the course SOC 2230 taught by Professor Sanyal during the Spring '11 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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CultMktsEcons_Full_Jan22.2012 - 1 CORNELL UNIVERSITY SOC...

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