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Chapter 8 Assignment — WSU

Chapter 8 Assignment — WSU - Chapter 8...

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Chapter 8 Assignment Hands-On Assignment Perform the following exercises. The required results are marked in red text. If you cannot obtain a wiring schematic for your vehicle, contact your instructor and arrange to come to WSU to use one, or obtain access to online schematics. Schematic Reading Obtain an automobile or truck. Obtain a wiring diagram for that vehicle. Find the headlamp circuit wiring diagram. Identify each of the components and symbols shown on the schematic. 1. Does your vehicle have daytime running lights (DRL)? If so, is the DRL accomplished by putting the highbeam lights in series with each other, or some other method? 2. How many headlights does your vehicle have? 3. Can any other computer or component activate the headlights besides the headlight switch? 4. What size fuse(s) protects your headlight circuits?
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