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Crimp-n-Seal Splice Sleeves Crimp-n-Seal Splice Sleeve Installation A crimp-n-seal splice sleeve is really a butt connector covered with a special weather sealing shrink tubing. When it is required to splice one wire to one wire and the splice will be exposed to the weather, a crimp- n-seal splice sleeve is recommended. If multiple wires need to be spliced together, or if a single wire splice is required inside the passenger compartment, use a splice clip as shown in the next section (9.4.2). There are three different sizes of commonly used crimp-n-seal splice sleeves for metric wire sizes ranging from 0.5 - 5.0 mm 2 . Each size is represented by a different color sleeve: Yellow (3.0-5.0 mm 2 ), Blue (1.0-2.0 mm 2 ), and Salmon (0.5-0.8 mm 2 ). To install a splice sleeve perform the following steps: Cut off any damaged portions of the wires to be spliced together, you may have to splice in extra wire if the wire is too short to be spliced together.
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Crimp-n-Seal Splice Sleeves — WSU -...

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