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Daimler-Chrysler Scan Tools — WSU

Daimler-Chrysler Scan Tools — WSU -...

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Daimler-Chrysler Scan Tools StarSCAN scan tool Visit Source: www.dcctools.com for a complete tour of the tool and its capabilities. StarSCAN also has a large 6.4-inch color LCD that allows highlights of trouble areas and presentation of color-coded networking topologies. The StarSCAN has an integral keypad, but the touch screen is its primary input device. The touch screen is not required to operate under most conditions; however, it is occasionally required for entering passwords or vehicle identification numbers via a virtual keyboard. The new scan tool will also provide enhanced diagnostics for isolating CAN communication problems. Source: www.dcctools.com DRB-III Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles can all be scanned and re-programmed with the DRBIII package.
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