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Data Link Connector — WSU

Data Link Connector — WSU - Data Link...

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Data Link Connector Since 1996, the data link connector (DLC) is a standardized 16 cavity connector shown below. Connector design and location is dictated by an industry wide standard. Vehicle manufacturers can use the empty DLC cavities for whatever they would like; however, the DLC of every vehicle is required to provide pins 4 and 5 and 16 as defined below. When the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol is fully implemented in the 2008 model year, all vehicles must use pins 6 and 14 as defined below. Terminal 2 - SAE J1850 10.4k bits per second (BPS) variable pulse width serial data (GM Class-2) or SAE J1850 41.6k bps pulse width modulation serial data high line (Ford). Terminal 4- Scan tool chassis ground. Terminal 5 - Common signal ground for serial data lines (Logic Low).
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  • Winter '12
  • JohnKelly
  • Pulse-width modulation, serial data, On-board diagnostics, serial data line, Data Link Connector, width modulation serial

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