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Electric Motors — WSU

Electric Motors — WSU - Electric Motors WSU...

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Electric Motors There are two different kinds of electric motors used on automobiles: Free-Spinning Electric Motors - A free-spinning electric motor uses precisely timed opposing magnetic fields to cause an armature shaft to rotate. Free-spinning electric motors can be designed to run on AC or DC current, with brushes or brushless, depending upon their application. Stepper Motors - The armature of a stepper motor can be rotated an exact number of turns or just a fraction of a turn. Stepper motors are controlled by a computer to position a mechanical device in an exact location. A typical stepper motor can be positioned to 256 different positions. The following are examples of free-spinning electric motors used on an automobile. Starter Motor - This is a Permanent Magnet-Gear Reduction starter motor. This starter motor comes in a variety of mounting configurations; however, the basic operation is the same for each configuration. Starter Solenoid - When the driver of the vehicle requests that the engine be started, the starter solenoid is activated by a computer controlled starter relay. When energized, the spring loaded moveable core of a starter solenoid pulls on a lever which engages the starter drive to rotate the flywheel of an engine. The solenoid also closes some large electrical contacts that allow approximately 150 amps of current from the battery to travel through the brushes to the commutator bars of the armature. Brushes - The end cap of the starter motor contains a bushing for the armature shaft and Electric Motors — WSU http://ocw.weber.edu/automotive-technology/ausv-1320-automotive-elec. .. 2/6/2012 3:44 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( http://www.novapdf.com )
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two sets of brushes. Each set of brushed provides a power source (shown on the right side connected to the large wire) and a ground path (shown on the left side connected to the end cap with braided copper straps) to the armature's commutator bars.
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Electric Motors — WSU - Electric Motors WSU...

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