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Fluke 87 Multimeter Update: May 2004 - The Fluke 87-III has been upgraded to the Fluke 87-V (shown above). The majority of the information in this section is applicable and true for this new meter. The differences (related to automotive measurements) between the newer version of the meter and the older version are: The ranges have been changed from (4, 40, 400, and 4000) to (6, 60, 600, and 1000). This will allow easier measurements of the new 42 volt systems without changing ranges at 40 volts. The meter will display a warning if the meter leads are placed in the wrong input terminals. Built-in thermometer Bigger screen The Original Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter and its subsequent versions are an excellent choice for automotive use. There are a few other comparable meters on the market today, but it is the author's opinion that this is the finest meter available for automotive use. Two main features make the Fluke 87 stand out over other Multimeters are: First it has a 1ms (1000 samples per second) Min Max mode, the
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