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Ford Scan Tools New Generation Star Tester (NGS) Ford's New Generation Star Tester (NGS) is produced by Hickok Corporation. The Ford dealer technicians have access to two tools for scanning Ford products: the 'WDS' (World Diagnostic System) and the 'NGS'. The 'NGS' is available to the aftermarket through, the 'WDS' is currently not available to the aftermarket. The NGS coverage includes ALL systems on all Ford vehicles from 1984 to 2003. Scan data, codes, bi-directional controls and access to all controllers including Powertrain, Body, Chassis, ABS, GEM, FEM, REM, PATS, signal simulation, and multi-meter. NGS Controller Area Network (CAN) Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) Adapter With the arrival of the new Controller Area Network (CAN) vehicle communication protocol in 2003, Ford is moving to a flexible and modular diagnostic tools strategy that will let you use standard computing platforms (e.g. PC's, Pocket-PC's, NGS, etc.) with Fords new VCM and VMM devices.
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Ford Scan Tools — WSU - Ford Scan Tools -...

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