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Generic Scan Tools Aftermarket Legacy, OBD-II, and CAN Scan Tools Thanks to EPA OBD-2 and Teir-2 emission regulations, generic scan tool manufacturers now have the capability of accessing the emission control data from any make or model vehicle sold in the United States. However, other types of data (Body Computers, Chassis Computers, etc.) on a vehicle are not required to be accessed over the data line and may not be able to be read by all aftermarket scan tools. Vetronix MTS 3100 Visit for more information on this scan tool. The MTS 3100 Mastertech Multi-Function Tester (MFT) hand-held computer gives you the ability to measure many different signals that are common in today's automobiles. The MTS 3100 Mastertech is much more than a scanner! It offers patented ScanTest functionality and Bi-Directional Controls. In addition, it has a built-in Automotive Oscilloscope and Digital Meter. No other tester combines all three tools in one. The MTS 3100 Mastertech links you to a whole array of diagnostic tools, including the Enhanced Diagnostic Lead Set and Waveform Assistant to diagnose high voltage primary and secondary ignition, as well the low Current Probe and the Temperature Probe. The MTS 3100 Mastertech is the heart of an expanding universe of products that all work together, while each provides you with specific power. The MTS 3100 Mastertech is reprogrammable. This means that as new capabilities are added, you can upgrade just by having your program card reprogrammed. Contact Vetronix for further information on reprogramming your MTS 3100 Mastertech tester. The MTS 3100 Mastertech allows you to transmit command sequences to the vehicle and actually control engine RPM, cycle output actuators, turn off injectors, control spark advance, and read & clear trouble codes. These features apply to selected vehicle applications only. The MTS 3100 Mastertech's automotive oscilloscope gives you a gateway to measure and view automotive waveforms on the same tool that you use to read On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) serial data, emissions data and trouble codes. The Digital Meter integrates meter data with serial data on the same screen. Ideal for quick troubleshooting and isolating faults.
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Generic Scan Tools — WSU - Generic Scan...

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