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ISO 11898 ISO 11898 - CAN Data The ISO 11898 standard refers to The Controller Area Network (CAN) data communication protocol. The Controller Area Network (CAN) data communication protocol was developed by the Robert Bosch company in the early 1980's. CAN systems can operate at several different baud rates all the way up to 1 million bits per second. Most automobile manufacturers are using 500k bits per second rather than 1M bits per second because of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding issues. More information on the CAN system can be obtained at the Bosch CAN web site. All vehicles sold in the United States are required to use CAN communications for emission related controllers by the year 2008 as part of the Tier-2 EPA emissions and fuel economy regulations. Some manufacturers are using CAN data for more than just emission related controllers, they are using CAN for almost everything possible. There are two wiring configurations of CAN networks; single wire and dual wire. Most manufacturers are using the dual wire configuration because of its error correction capabilities.
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