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Motors — WSU

Motors — WSU - Motors WSU...

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Motors Electric Motors There are two different kinds of electric motors used on automobiles: Free-Spinning Electric Motors - A free-spinning electric motor uses precisely timed opposing magnetic fields to cause an armature shaft to rotate. Free-spinning electric motors can be designed to run on AC or DC current, with brushes or brushless, depending upon their application. Stepper Motors - The armature of a stepper motor can be rotated an exact number of turns or just a fraction of a turn. Stepper motors are controlled by a computer to position a mechanical device in an exact location. A typical stepper motor can be positioned to 256 different positions. The following are examples of free-spinning electric motors used on an automobile. Starter Motor - The starter motor armature, shown below, is used to rotate the flywheel of an engine during cranking. The armature rotates inside of 6 evenly spaced man-made permanent magnets. The positioning of the permanent magnets allows for 6 sets of north and south magnetic poles. Motors — WSU http://ocw.weber.edu/automotive-technology/ausv-1320-automotive-elec. .. 2/6/2012 4:29 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( http://www.novapdf.com )
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The armature shaft has 25 commutator bars which create 25 electromagnetic north and south poles. The positioning of the commutator bars relative to the brushes, which transfer
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Motors — WSU - Motors WSU...

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