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On-Off Switches Switches can be normally open or normally closed. The voltage level of a switch can be high or low when it closes depending upon where it is wired in a circuit. There are dozens of switches on most automobiles. Most switches on the instrument panel and doors do not actually control anything; instead, they are a direct input to a computer requesting that a particular action take place. For example, in the photo shown below, the fog lamp switch is just an input to the body control module of a truck requesting that the fog lamps be turned on or off. The component shown below is called a transmission pressure switch assembly. There are five pressure switches, shown in brown, in this pressure switch assembly. Two of the switches are normally closed and three are normally open. This switch assembly provides a feedback signal to the transmission controller to indicate manual valve or shift valve position. The on-off switches are pressure activated, this means the engine must be running for the signals to be accurate.
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On-Off Switches — WSU - On-Off Switches -...

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