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Oxygen Sensor Wiring Repairs Exhaust Gas Sensors Because most oxygen sensors operate on less than one volt, special harness repair procedures must be followed. The slightest poor connection will have a voltage drop across it. This voltage drop takes away voltage from the original signal being monitored by the engine computer. This can cause inaccurate readings and incorrect amounts fuel delivered to the cylinders. This can result in poor fuel economy, poor performance, or both. Repairs of oxygen sensor wiring are allowed as long as the repair is in the main vehicle harness. The pigtail wires attached to the sensor are not allowed to be repaired. Always solder any wiring repairs. There are two types of exhaust gas sensors: Oxygen Content Sensor - A four-wire Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor (HEGO) measures the oxygen content of the exhaust gas. This sensor's output signal is used to indicate a lean or rich condition when compared to stoichiometric (14.7: air-fuel ratio) . An oxygen sensor is a unique sensor because it actually produces its own variable voltage signal.
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