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Prioritization — WSU

Prioritization — WSU - Prioritization WSU...

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Prioritization Once the number of items on the fault list has been reduced by asking questions and by deduction, the remaining items should be prioritized two ways. First the items should be prioritized from the most likely cause to the least likely cause. Second, the newly prioritized list should be re-prioritized by which of the items is the easiest to check. It should make sense to check the easiest items on the fault list first and move on to the harder to check items. For example: If the most likely cause is a very hard to get to bad ground connection on the back of the engine block, but another possible cause is an unplugged connector or poor connection on top of the engine, it makes sense to check the connection on top of the engine first. Just use your best judgment to prioritize your list, and then begin diagnosis and elimination of the items
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