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Relays A relay is an electromagnetically controlled switch (set of contacts). A relay has a large coil of wire wrapped around a solid iron core (see the photo below). A relay is typically controlled by a computer. There are two commonly used relay configurations on automobiles: 4-Pin Relay - This relay has one set of contacts. The contacts are normally open; however, the relay could be constructed to have normally closed contacts instead. Most automotive 4-pin relays have normally open contacts. In the photograph shown below, the relay has a schematic printed on the case which represents its electrical configuration. Notice that pins 85 and 86 are attached to the coil of wire. Notice that pins 87 and 30 are connected to a normally open set of contacts; a normally open switch. 5-Pin Relay - This relay has two sets of contacts. One set of contacts is normally open and the other set is normally closed. This configuration allows one relay to be used to control two different circuits.
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Relays — WSU - Relays - WSU

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