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Resistance Measurements — WSU

Resistance Measurements — WSU - Resistance...

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Resistance Measurements Resistance measurements commonly performed on automobiles, however many times the measurement is inaccurate because the vehicle's battery must be disconnected before any measurements are taken. Resistance can be used to measure ground quality and continuity. To measure resistance you must place the selector switch in the (Ohm's) position as shown above. Continuity : The sound wave symbol to the left of the Omega (Ω) symbol indicates that when the sound wave button is pressed a tone will be emitted when there is circuit continuity with less than 75 ohm's of resistance. The blue capacitor symbol to the right of the Omega (Ω) symbol indicates that capacitance can be measured if the blue button is pressed. Capacitance measurements are limite d to 0.01 nF to 5.0 µ F, not very useful in automotive applications. When measuring small resistance values, the meter leads should be zeroed. Touch both meter lead tips together and then press the REL ˆ†
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