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Service Information Prior to 1995 , there were no regulations requiring automobile manufacturers to allow independent shops to access or purchase their service information and training. Some manufacturers did not make available to the public all the information needed to adequately service and repair motor vehicles. Further, when information was made available, it may be difficult to locate and time consuming to obtain. It is especially important for independent technicians to have access to emissions-related service and repair information, including training instructions. It has been estimated that independent technicians are responsible for conducting up to 80% of all repairs. In addition, independent technicians are more likely to repair the vehicles which are the most likely to violate emissions standards (older vehicles in general). Source: EPA 40 CFR Parts 9 and 86. The Service Information Rule of 1995 - The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Service Information Rule of 1995 addressed the problem listed above. The following is a summary of the new rule: Availability of emission-related service information for all light duty vehicles (LDVs) and light duty trucks (LDTs) beginning with the 1994 model year. The information must be made available at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.
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Service Information — WSU - Service...

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