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Wire Repair Terminology — WSU - Wire Repair...

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Wire Repair Terminology Connector - A plastic or nylon piece that holds the metal wire terminals. A connector may have just one cavity or many cavities for holding terminals. A connector may have a single row of cavities or rows and columns of cavities. CPA - Connector Position Assurance clip. A plastic part that assures that two connector halves will stay locked together. The blue part in the photograph below is the CPA, notice that it has been removed from the connector. Fiber Optic Cable - Very small optical transfer cables which are designed to allow light pulses to be transferred rather than electrical current. The transmission speed of the light pulses can be very high, around 22.6 Million bits per second. This type of cabling is used on vehicle systems which require very rapid data transmission speeds like DVD video, audio, etc. One cable is used for transmitting data, the other cable is used to receive data. This type of cable is not repairable; instead, it must be replaced. Wire Repair Terminology — WSU http://ocw.weber.edu/automotive-technology/ausv-1320-automotive-elec. .. 2/6/2012 4:15 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( http://www.novapdf.com )
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Pull-to-seat Terminals - A terminal that is installed by inserting the wire through the connector cavity, crimping on a terminal and then pulling the terminal back into the connector cavity to seat it. A TPA clip is not required on this type of terminal/connector configuration.
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Wire Repair Terminology — WSU - Wire Repair...

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