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lecture24 - Macedonian foUceV Finall PUofeVVoU Kagan...

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2/7/12 lecture24.html 1/1 C:/Users/JIMMIN~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EX32.621/«/lecture24.html Open Yale CoXUVeV CLCV 205: Introduction to Ancient Greek Histor\ LecWXUe 24 - TZilighW of Whe PoliV (conW.) and ConclXVion << pUeYioXV VeVVion OYeUYieZ: In WhiV lecWXUe, PUofeVVoU Kagan WellV Whe VWoU\ of Whe UiVe of Philip and deVcUibeV hiV eaUl\ acWionV: Xnif\ing Macedon, defeaWing baUbaUian aUmieV, and cUeaWing a neZ, pUofeVVional, naWional aUm\. AccoUding Wo PUofeVVoU Kagan, WhUoXgh WheVe acWionV, Philip ZaV able Wo make inUoadV inWo Whe GUeek ZoUld. WhaW made WheVe inUoadV moUe effecWiYe ZaV Philip'V Xncann\ WalenW foU diplomac\ and Whe fighWing beWZeen Whe YaUioXV poleiV . EYenWXall\, Whe GUeekV XndeU Whe effoUWV of AWhenV and DemoVWheneV decided Wo face Philip in Whe baWWle of ChaeUonea. The baWWle, WhoXgh cloVe, ZaV Zon b\ Philip and hiV
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Unformatted text preview: Macedonian foUceV. Finall\, PUofeVVoU Kagan eYalXaWeV Whe acWionV of DemoVWheneV and conclXdeV WhaW hiV acWionV VhoXld be jXdged aV a noble endeaYoU of one Zho loYed fUeedom. Reading aVVignmenW: PomeUo\, BXUVWein, Donlan and RobeUWV. AncienW GUeece . O[foUd uniYeUViW\ PUeVV: NeZ yoUk, 1999, pp. 371-394. Kagan, Donald. "PUoblemV in AncienW HiVWoU\." In The AncienW NeaU EaVW and GUeece . 2nd ed., Yol. 1. PUenWice-Hall: NeZ yoUk, 1975, chapWeU 8. ClaVV lecWXUe: ReVoXUceV: TZilighW of Whe PoliV ±PDF] yale uniYeUViW\ 2008. Some UighWV UeVeUYed. unleVV oWheUZiVe indicaWed on WhiV page oU on Whe Open yale CoXUVeV ZebViWe, all conWenW on WhiV page iV licenVed XndeU a CUeaWiYe CommonV LicenVe (AWWUibXWion-NonCommeUcial-ShaUeAlike 3.0)...
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